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UPDATE: Pinterest, My Party Planning Assistant (Post #7)
February 29, 2012, 6:00 pm
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UPDATE: The shower was a hit.  Here are a few photos:

My twin sister is having a baby boy in the spring.  I have the honor of throwing her a baby shower, which I’ll be hosting this Sunday.  For the last month I’ve been trying to plan her shower inbetween my busy schedule.  I enjoy being creative and I have high standards for events that I host.  However, it’s not always easy to be inspired when you are working full time and taking three classes.  I want the company and food to be great, but I also insist that the decor and food be aesthetically pleasing.  Where did I look for inspiration?  Pinterest, of course.

After I login to, I search for general images that I am intested in, e.g. “boy baby shower,” and that usually leads me to images that narrow my interests even more.  Finally, I am pinning select images to my “Jessie’s Baby Shower Board.”  Below is an image that was the source of inspiration for my sister’s shower.  It’s a blue punch with vanilla icecream in it, which causes a “bubble bath” affect.  I’m not only making the punch, I’m also incorporating the ducks into the party.  I ordered 36 rubber ducks and 36 bars of Jasmine soap, which I will tie together for the guests’ party favors.  I also got some blue lanterns and yellow streamers to decorate with.  The cupcakes will also be blue (like water), with nautical decor.

I can’t say whether the party will be a hit, but I don’t think it could possibly be a miss.  I’m loving what I’ve put together based on my Pinterest searches.  It’s important to me that my sister’s shower is memorable because she is becoming a mother and I am becoming an aunt for the first time…  Oh, and her husband’s becoming a dad, but this shower is for women 🙂

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“I want the company and food to be great, but I also insist that the decor and food be aesthetically pleasing.”

Good call on this, and your punch and duckies idea! Very cute!

Comment by Alena Finsky

I enjoyed reading this. I’ve been using Pinterest to help with my party planning as well. It’s so inspiring and gives me ideas that I would’ve never thought of myself. Congratulations and good luck with the baby shower!

Comment by Mailee

Thank you, Mailee 🙂

Comment by bjkorte

I bet it was a fantastic shower!

Now think who should be using PInterest? Party planners! That’s an industry that should be there, but how would they make money? Oh, maybe in creating all the things that people dream of.

My nephew (and his wife, too) are having their 2nd son soon, I think I’ll have to make your punch!

Comment by Sara Geneva Noreau Kerr

It was a hit! If you make the punch, make sure to add some of the soda after you add the ice cream. It makes it fizz more 🙂

Comment by bjkorte

Oh, BTW, the punch ingredients:

1 – 2 liter lemon lime soda
1 – 64 oz white cranberry juice
Blue Hawaiian Punch (I only used a splash for color because I didn’t want it to be too sugary)
8 – scoops vanilla icecream
2 – rubber ducks (make sure you buy some that float, some don’t for some strange reason)

Comment by bjkorte

See! Pinterest rocks!!!!!!!!! Super cute ideas for the shower! Did you happen to find a cute outfit (pin) that you could wear?!?!? : )

Comment by jaebach

These ideas are SO neat! It is amazing what you can find on Pinterest! I always find great ideas on there!

Comment by gmmontero

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