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UPDATE: Pinterest, My Party Planning Assistant (Post #7)
February 29, 2012, 6:00 pm
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UPDATE: The shower was a hit.  Here are a few photos:

My twin sister is having a baby boy in the spring.  I have the honor of throwing her a baby shower, which I’ll be hosting this Sunday.  For the last month I’ve been trying to plan her shower inbetween my busy schedule.  I enjoy being creative and I have high standards for events that I host.  However, it’s not always easy to be inspired when you are working full time and taking three classes.  I want the company and food to be great, but I also insist that the decor and food be aesthetically pleasing.  Where did I look for inspiration?  Pinterest, of course.

After I login to, I search for general images that I am intested in, e.g. “boy baby shower,” and that usually leads me to images that narrow my interests even more.  Finally, I am pinning select images to my “Jessie’s Baby Shower Board.”  Below is an image that was the source of inspiration for my sister’s shower.  It’s a blue punch with vanilla icecream in it, which causes a “bubble bath” affect.  I’m not only making the punch, I’m also incorporating the ducks into the party.  I ordered 36 rubber ducks and 36 bars of Jasmine soap, which I will tie together for the guests’ party favors.  I also got some blue lanterns and yellow streamers to decorate with.  The cupcakes will also be blue (like water), with nautical decor.

I can’t say whether the party will be a hit, but I don’t think it could possibly be a miss.  I’m loving what I’ve put together based on my Pinterest searches.  It’s important to me that my sister’s shower is memorable because she is becoming a mother and I am becoming an aunt for the first time…  Oh, and her husband’s becoming a dad, but this shower is for women 🙂